Friday, 23 September 2016

I can take action to improve the water cycle in Canterbury

In this project I was working with Me, myself and I and we decided to create a water filter.
Here is a link what we made.

In this project we decided that our success criteria were: (list the criteria you created on slide 7)
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
I can identify my success criteria

Success Criteria ( A good TV ad, water filter or Children’s Story needs...

A good TV ad, water filter or Children’s Story needs...
Why is this important?
To filter healthy clean water.
Because we need to drink clear and healthy water otherwise we will get sick.
To be strong and durable.
Because if it isn’t strong enough it will break and it won’t filter any water.
To be light and you can carry it around.
So it’s easier to carry around and have drinkable water.
To have the materials.
Because if don't have the materials the water filter won't work.
To have good materials that won't expire
So you can use the water filter for a long period of time.

Overall our project do not meet this criteria because we haven't tested our water filter yet.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I can describe the characteristics of music in songs from the past and present and from different genres.

Over the past 9 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of various times and genres.

I can name and define these characteristics of music

1. Form
3. Harmony
5. Rhythm

What did you find most interesting during this topic.

I found good songs need all the characteristics interesting because Every characteristic has something a good song needs like notes put together to make the song unique.

Monday, 12 September 2016

CARE progress

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is: Bronze

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is: Community   because: I have lots of ticks there.

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is: Active thinking            because: I need

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: Integrity, Resilience, Trustworthy.

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Relational            because:I can do the CARE values everyday by myself, but i'm not good enough to teach others.





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Water cycle writing

 The water cycle is a process that water goes through between land,sea and the atmosphere, so you could say the water is basically recycled. The steps of the water cycle, eg: Evaporation,Condensation,Precipitation, and runoff/groundwater.

Evaporation is the first step of cycle is a long process, also it is when the sun heats up the sea/ocean and the water turns invisible and glides up to the atmosphere(Air). In this process we then move into the next part of the water cycle which is condensation. Condensation is better when the sun is hotter because it heats up more water at once. The next part of the water cycle which is condensation.

Condensation is when the water from evaporation forms a cloud and all the water builds up and becomes a could. When this process happens we call it rain but the science terms is precipitation. Which brings me to my next step in the water cycle precipitation.

Precipitation is when the water vapor gets build up into a cloud and, when it  is heavy enough to make the liquid and a solid come out of the cloud, and then it rains and falls into a river, a liquid is rain and a solid can be snow/ice or hail. The last and one of the most important steps is run off.

Run-off is a process when the water comes down from a river into a ocean to redo the whole process; and after it rains the rainwater will rain water will run down a lake or a river back into the ocean. When the water is coming down it can bring in lots of random things like dirt, gravel and maybe some sand.

Overall the water cycle is a very important cycle it keeps everything alive and a cycle needs steps so the water cycle wouldn’t be possible without Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and runoff.