Friday, 28 August 2015

My discovery

In my discovery project, my gruop is still making our solo matrix. After we make our solo matrix we have to make a slide of what we learnt. My groups topic is Whitch is better Apple or Samsung?
Here is our solo matrix. My next step is to finish my solo matrix and start my google slide.

Writing week 6 term 3

WALT-create a persuasive speech and present it.
This work shows I am writing a persuasive writing about its hard being a kid.
I have been working on using capitals and full stops in my writing.
My next step is to add more resons in my paragraph.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Maths week 5 term 3

In maths I have been learning about classify numbers by factors and primes, including multiples. Our first step is to do a teacher season on your goal. Step two is to do the activity the teacher assigns you to do. Step three get a check in with the teacher. Step four go on ixl and master it then chose your next goal and so the process again. I have mastered all the activities on ixl so now I need a new goal in maths.

My discovery term 3

In my discovery programme you can learn what ever you like. This term I'm learning about what's is better apple or Samsung. Step one you need to chose a topic. Step two make solo matrix. Step three make questions so you can get to relational and extended abstract. I am still making a solo matrixs. My next step is to create questions to get to extended abstract.

Friday, 14 August 2015

School related goal

My school related goal is to make the right chose, because i need to think who im siting next to and is the person a distraction.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Writing term 3 week 3

In writing our WALT is to write an passive arguments I wrote it's hard being a kid.

Maths term 3 week 3

I am trying to achieve classify numbers by factors and multiples including primes.

Reading term 3 week 3

WALT: Discover the hidden meaning of unknown words.
My reading have stayed the same as usual the prediction, summary sheet. 

My new school goal

My new goal is to pick up litter in the school grounds, so then teacher don't have to pick them up.


Two weeks ago the year 7&8s had a science lesson with a high school teacher. We learnt what soluble means something can't dissolve and insoluble means it can dissolve in water. We also learnt how to hypothesis which means to predict what will happen. We also did some experiments like if sugar will dissolve and more.