Thursday, 22 October 2015

Writing week 2 term 4

WALT- Write a procedure

In writing we have been learning how to write procedures. We had different choices like write on how to clean/look after, and we had get ready to go to somewhere or something, and we had how to make any meal. I chose how to get ready for school.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Wellington learning

Yesterday the year 7&8's learnt about the treaty of waitangi. We where sorted in groups and had different teaches and different activity, yesterday I was with mr Brown. I was with Tim as my learning partner, we had diffrerent question we had to answer like what was a treaty.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Week 1 term 4 maths

WALT-Identify objects with rotational symmetry.

First week in term 4 we got SDL, one of our activities were to complete a rotational symmetry.

This work show I can use my knowledge on rotatianal symmetry and complete my activitys.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Maths goal

Next term in math my new goal in geometry is describe features of 2d and 3d objects in geometric language.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Term 3 reflection

3 things I have done well this term is I didn't throw rubbish in the on the ground, i didn't call out on the mat and i listen to the teachers.

3 things I need to improve on are not walking around, not talking to others and not getting easily distracted by others.

Integrated learning week 10

This week for integrated learning we have been learning about positive puberty. 

In puberty we have been learning what body parts belong to who. We have been learning what stereotypes mean and what happens during puberty.

This lesson I felt weird after the session because we learnt body parts and more.

Te Reo week 8 term 3

In Te Reo our WALT-Is to read in Mari the birthday vocabulary.

This week we learnt how to pronounce birthday vocabulary in Mari and the teachers have put us into groups of 5 and we had a line to read each my character was mere. We had to read our line and preform a act with those lines.

Wet weather duty

Today Jonathan Ye joon had wet weather duty, so then I decided to help them. We had to look after room 20. Room 20 was a good class they listen to us, but some of the kids got in trouble for doing the wrong thing. Like there were 2 kids that were wrestling each other and they went on the naughty list. There were also a good list. Overall I felt good about this wet day duty unlike other wet days I had to go to.

Reading week 9

This week we did poetry instead of our usual reading, summary sheet and the rest. In poetry we found language features in different poems. Some of the language features were Allieration, hyperbole, smilie, metaphor, personification, assonance, rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last three days the year 7&8's went to Lincoln sports center to start the Koru Games.

I really enjoyed playing hard opponents so we could see how good my team could play.

Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved  on my kicks because i have more power in my kicks.

Overall I found Koru Games hard/challenging because my team came up against hard teams bur we only lost 2 games.

Friday, 28 August 2015

My discovery

In my discovery project, my gruop is still making our solo matrix. After we make our solo matrix we have to make a slide of what we learnt. My groups topic is Whitch is better Apple or Samsung?
Here is our solo matrix. My next step is to finish my solo matrix and start my google slide.

Writing week 6 term 3

WALT-create a persuasive speech and present it.
This work shows I am writing a persuasive writing about its hard being a kid.
I have been working on using capitals and full stops in my writing.
My next step is to add more resons in my paragraph.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Maths week 5 term 3

In maths I have been learning about classify numbers by factors and primes, including multiples. Our first step is to do a teacher season on your goal. Step two is to do the activity the teacher assigns you to do. Step three get a check in with the teacher. Step four go on ixl and master it then chose your next goal and so the process again. I have mastered all the activities on ixl so now I need a new goal in maths.

My discovery term 3

In my discovery programme you can learn what ever you like. This term I'm learning about what's is better apple or Samsung. Step one you need to chose a topic. Step two make solo matrix. Step three make questions so you can get to relational and extended abstract. I am still making a solo matrixs. My next step is to create questions to get to extended abstract.

Friday, 14 August 2015

School related goal

My school related goal is to make the right chose, because i need to think who im siting next to and is the person a distraction.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Writing term 3 week 3

In writing our WALT is to write an passive arguments I wrote it's hard being a kid.

Maths term 3 week 3

I am trying to achieve classify numbers by factors and multiples including primes.

Reading term 3 week 3

WALT: Discover the hidden meaning of unknown words.
My reading have stayed the same as usual the prediction, summary sheet. 

My new school goal

My new goal is to pick up litter in the school grounds, so then teacher don't have to pick them up.


Two weeks ago the year 7&8s had a science lesson with a high school teacher. We learnt what soluble means something can't dissolve and insoluble means it can dissolve in water. We also learnt how to hypothesis which means to predict what will happen. We also did some experiments like if sugar will dissolve and more.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maths goal

My new math goal is to classify numbers by factors and mutliples, including primes. 

Writing goal

My new writing goal is to use capital letters and full stops. You need to put the capital letter in when its a start of a sentance or when a full stop. You need to put in the full stop when it's the end of a sentance.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Reading goal

My new is reading is to discover the meaning of unknown words. You can find out the word by using the sent ace and read over and over till you get the word. Can also find the root words the if I say worksheet the root word will be work.

School goal

One of my school goal/class goals would be to listen to the teacher and pay more attention. Also not to walk around the class and talk to people I see.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

2 times tables

Maths week 1 term 3

The past mouth we have been working on measurement. My new goal for measement is perimeter and area the perimeter is the outside of a shape and his big is the outside, area is thee inside of a shape. 

Reading week 1 term 3

WALT:Discover the hidden meaning of unknown words.

This week of reading we changed the system little, we took out the prediction sheet and the vocab and we added author purpose and we keeped the summary sheet. This week I read double,double tolit trouble. 


Monday, 29 June 2015

Careers work writing

The past few weeks room 26 have been working on careers, our future career we had to brainstorm ideas for jobs you wanted to do then we would research about your career. Then we wrote a draft  in our writing book. After the teacher checks it then we had to publish it on google docs.

Old piece of reading

WALT-Read for meaning 

This piece of reading is the same as usual but I did it in the start of term 2. The book I read was the black caps make history the first activity was the pridiction and we had to predict what the book is going to be about. Then it was the vocab sheet we had to put down technical words. Then the Summary sheet we had to summarise the story in to short sentences

Maths week 11 term 2

We have a different system in maths this week. 

First we have the teacher session, the teacher session is were the teacher teaches you a new goal that you need to lean after the teacher session we get the activity from the teacher. When you have finished the activity you get a confrence with the teacher, the teacher gives you a question to answer if you get it wrong you get another question but if you get it wright you go on the assessment task witch you need to go on ixl and master it. Then you find a new goal and redo the whole system.

Learner Licence

We have  a new system in room 26 it is called a learner license. Here is how it works there is a teacher license regulated license integrated license and mobile license. The teacher License is the worst you need to sit by the teacher the whole day. The regulated license is were the teacher chooses were you sit. The independent license is were you can work anywhere in the class room like normal. The mobile leaner license is the best you can work anywhere in the school apart from other class rooms but you have to ask teacher first. If you don't work well you get moved down to regulated then teacher. But if you do good in class you might get moved up to mobile license. I am only in independent licenses because I didn't do bad in class or too good in class.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


The past week room 26 were writing our explanation for future career. I wrote about a surgeon. We had to brainstorm ideas of what career we wanted to write about, then we research and write about the career. Then we needed to show the teacher and have a confrence, then we would publish and type it up on google docs. After you need to print the writhing.

Te Reo


WALT-read for meaning 

This week for reading was the same last time but I had to read a different book. The book is The journey. Then we do the pridiction sheet, then the vocab sheet and the summary sheet then we have to do the teacher activity witch is an activity that the teacher gives you then you need to do the must dos witch is online

Here is my work.

My next step is to put more detail.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


WALT-Write a info report 

This is my info report about the bayonet, the bayonet was a weapon in WW1 
We had to think of a person or weapon or place in ww1 I chose weapon so we had to brainstorm about every weapon and what they do. Then after the brainstorm you chose a weapon and I chose a bayonet. Then you had to research about that weapon, and then write about the weapon

My next step is to improve on my spelling.


In this week of Reading we had to complete lots of work first we had to do our prediction sheet. For the prediction sheet we had to read the title and predicted what the book is about then the vocabulary sheet, For the vocabulary sheet we had to find technical words and search the meaning of the word. Then the summary sheet, and for that we had to summarise the story and we had to do our teacher activity witch is a activity that the teacher gives you.

My next step is improve on the quality of my answers.


WALT-Explain Decimal places

In this piece of math I have to find the decimal place in numbers. What you had to do was you where given a decimal number but it will be underlined so you would know what number. Like 2.31 and 3 would be the number, then you would have to find the FV of 2.31 would be 3 then the PV and then the TV

My next step would be to find decimal places in longer numbers