Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Flag reading

WALT-Gather,evaluate, and synthesize information across a small range of texts.

First we had to read three texts on changing the NZ flag, keeping the NZ flag and one one text for both. Then we did an activity about the articles, we had to put reasons on the side of the sheet. Then we had to highlight the common knowledge, personal knowledge, statistics and expert opinion. Common knowledge is you all ready know the answer. Personal knowledge is what you think is the answer is. Statistics is what everyone thinks and add them up and get an answer. Expert opinion is what experts think. Then we wrote a overall statement about the two statements and if their strong, uncertain and weak. 

I can identify and evaluate the way writers use language

WALT-I can identify and evaluate the way writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

In reading I was working on the authors purpose and we watched 3 videos of what kids of purposes their was, their was persuasive, inform and entertain and we remembered them as Pie. Then we were to do an activity on what were the three authors purposes and what language they have to use and questions we ask ourselves when trying to find authors purpose. After that we read 2 texts that were persuasive and we had to compare them with each other here is an example.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership food forest /Role model to the Kakano kids

Yesterday the year 7/8 went to the food forest behind room 13 with Mr McAven. the year 4's collected flowers which are red clovers and boarage the next thing we did cutting down the random plants that were in the way, that was a really hard job we had to chop then down then had to put them into a trailer and got taken away.

 Then we were sent in groups to kakano class's my group was Dominic, Teiken, Grace and I went to room 17 first thing we did was to let the kids do a test and we couldn't help, then after we did a little a dance activity we didn't want to dance because the activity was for little kids.

 Today we help the kids read and do activity's about reading, then we had a run then its MT( morning Tea).