Monday, 29 June 2015

Careers work writing

The past few weeks room 26 have been working on careers, our future career we had to brainstorm ideas for jobs you wanted to do then we would research about your career. Then we wrote a draft  in our writing book. After the teacher checks it then we had to publish it on google docs.

Old piece of reading

WALT-Read for meaning 

This piece of reading is the same as usual but I did it in the start of term 2. The book I read was the black caps make history the first activity was the pridiction and we had to predict what the book is going to be about. Then it was the vocab sheet we had to put down technical words. Then the Summary sheet we had to summarise the story in to short sentences

Maths week 11 term 2

We have a different system in maths this week. 

First we have the teacher session, the teacher session is were the teacher teaches you a new goal that you need to lean after the teacher session we get the activity from the teacher. When you have finished the activity you get a confrence with the teacher, the teacher gives you a question to answer if you get it wrong you get another question but if you get it wright you go on the assessment task witch you need to go on ixl and master it. Then you find a new goal and redo the whole system.

Learner Licence

We have  a new system in room 26 it is called a learner license. Here is how it works there is a teacher license regulated license integrated license and mobile license. The teacher License is the worst you need to sit by the teacher the whole day. The regulated license is were the teacher chooses were you sit. The independent license is were you can work anywhere in the class room like normal. The mobile leaner license is the best you can work anywhere in the school apart from other class rooms but you have to ask teacher first. If you don't work well you get moved down to regulated then teacher. But if you do good in class you might get moved up to mobile license. I am only in independent licenses because I didn't do bad in class or too good in class.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


The past week room 26 were writing our explanation for future career. I wrote about a surgeon. We had to brainstorm ideas of what career we wanted to write about, then we research and write about the career. Then we needed to show the teacher and have a confrence, then we would publish and type it up on google docs. After you need to print the writhing.

Te Reo


WALT-read for meaning 

This week for reading was the same last time but I had to read a different book. The book is The journey. Then we do the pridiction sheet, then the vocab sheet and the summary sheet then we have to do the teacher activity witch is an activity that the teacher gives you then you need to do the must dos witch is online

Here is my work.

My next step is to put more detail.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


WALT-Write a info report 

This is my info report about the bayonet, the bayonet was a weapon in WW1 
We had to think of a person or weapon or place in ww1 I chose weapon so we had to brainstorm about every weapon and what they do. Then after the brainstorm you chose a weapon and I chose a bayonet. Then you had to research about that weapon, and then write about the weapon

My next step is to improve on my spelling.


In this week of Reading we had to complete lots of work first we had to do our prediction sheet. For the prediction sheet we had to read the title and predicted what the book is about then the vocabulary sheet, For the vocabulary sheet we had to find technical words and search the meaning of the word. Then the summary sheet, and for that we had to summarise the story and we had to do our teacher activity witch is a activity that the teacher gives you.

My next step is improve on the quality of my answers.


WALT-Explain Decimal places

In this piece of math I have to find the decimal place in numbers. What you had to do was you where given a decimal number but it will be underlined so you would know what number. Like 2.31 and 3 would be the number, then you would have to find the FV of 2.31 would be 3 then the PV and then the TV

My next step would be to find decimal places in longer numbers