Thursday, 25 February 2016

Leadership training

WALT: Describe the triats of an effective leader.

These two weeks year 7&8 are learning about leadership here are some examples.

Integrity is when you are fair or being honest to someone or a group.
Trustworthy is when you are trusted to do something.
Risilient is if you never give up or try different strategies  if you fail.
Goal focus if you want to achieve your goal.
Active thinker is we're  you think of a good idea or a strategie.
Motivational is we're you motivate people to do something or achieve a goal.

Our class made a sentence for the meaning of leadership " leadership is a skill of motivating people/team to achieve a goal"

We have also been reading books of leaders, I read about Sir Edmound Hillary and he showed all six traits of a good leader, here is my work.

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