Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pop Art

Choose your culture, treat it four ways
We are learning about the elements and techniques of paintings.We are able to share our cultural identities through the Arts

I selected China as my culture that I was going to paint.I used technology to research icons about China and I choose to draw the Chinese panda because it's a native animal to China and only China have them . 

Next we were learning about pop art created by Andy Warhol .In this style of art is very famous and use poplur icons about your culture and paint them. We chose your colour styles like primary colours are red, blue and yellow 
Secondary colours are orange, purple and green 
Complimentary colours are green, red, blue, and orange, yellow and purple.

Then we learnt about the colour wheel are colour that go well together. After we learnt about Analagous colours are three colours beside each other on the colour wheel. Then we drawled a draft on an A4 piece of paper after our draft we got our good copy then we traced the other three pictures on the A4 piece of paper . After that we chose the colours on the colour wheel to help us to paint our pictures icons.

I chose 
Complementary colours Blue, green and orange 
 Analagous colours yellow, green and blue 
Black and white 
Monochromatic orange

I feel that I am at Relational because I understand art but i am not that good at art. I have achieved
Lots of things about pop art.



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